About us

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide a compassionate, safe, dignified and personalized care and support for people with disabilities, frail aged and their carers.

About Us

The Company was established in 2020 as an Australian Propriety Business. To provide NDIS services to the varied and growing ethnicity of the Northern and Western suburbs of Sydney.

NDIS service is care that allows a person with special needs to stay in their home. It provides a range of supports for people, who are getting older, are chronically ill, recovering from surgery, or disabled.

NDIS services include:

  • Personal care, such as help with bathing, washing your hair, or getting dressed
  • Homemaking, such as cleaning, yard work, and laundry
  • Cooking or delivering meals
  • Health care, such as having a home health aide come to your home
  • Innovative

Through INCA HOME SERVICES Pty LTD , you can get almost any type of help you want in your home and community. INCA HOME SERVICES Pty LTD  provides a range of home care services to help the elderly and people with disabilities to continue to live in the safety of their own homes whilst receiving the support necessary for them to do so. Our services are of high quality and delivered with care and responsibility.

We can work with clients to develop a plan that will support their goals and help them to maintain an independent and active lifestyle.  Each plan is tailored to the Participant depending upon their specific need.  Sometimes a client may only need our support for a short time while they get back on their feet.  Or the type of support that the client may need can change over time as their circumstances change.

Our Vision

Our Vision we believe everyone with a disability has the right to choose and achieve their goals through Choices, Respect, Inclusion, Participation, Innovation & Empowerment. Regardless of their disability, age, cultural, linguistic background, religious beliefs and sexuality.


Our values are the heart of who we are. Everyone matters, Everyone makes a difference and Everyone works together.

Choices: We believe everyone has the right to choose how they want to be supported.

Respect: Actively listen, providing respect and dignity. Value everyone equally, be welcoming, polite and consider others.

Inclusion: Making sure everyone has the same opportunities to participate in every aspects of life.

Innovative & Empowerment: Promoting individual growth, create solutions, build on people’s ideas and contribution, think outside the box to help, develop skills and achieve goals.

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